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- Handcrafted chocolates and desserts -

Dark Side


Quality and Balance

You deserve it

Dark Side Chocolates uses only the finest and freshest ingredients to handcraft an exquisite selection of chocolates, gourmet tarts, icecreams and other decadent products. 

We have a range of dairy-free and vegan chocolates, and almost all of our products are gluten free

We cater for weddings and special occasions. Our native Australian Bush flavour collection makes a perfect corporate gift


About Dark Side

Quality ethically-sourced couverture

John sources flavours to contrast or compliment the base cacao characters. He uses the best local ingredients for his chocolates, and takes great joy in exploring Australian native bush flavours as well as other sweet and savoury aromas, with the appropriate choice of high quality cacao, to create delicious and captivating chocolates.

Dark Side Chocolates uses only high quality Swiss couverture, with cacao beans sourced from sustainable cacao plantations

around the world. 

The main couverture used is a single origin Criollo from Venezuela - a relatively rare and premium strain of cacao. Other sources include Ecuador, the Ivory Coast, and Bolivia. For further information about our couverture please visit the Felchlin website.


Dark Side Chocolates uses fresh local ingredients wherever possible. Local sources include  Bartholemew's Meadery, Bannister Downs Dairy Fram, Bushfood Factory and Cafe, and Marvick Native Farms. ​

A winemaker's palate

How John turned to the Dark Side

John Wade had been a successful winemaker for 40 years before venturing into the glorious medium of fine cacao chocolate.


John relates the art of winemaking to that of chocolate making, "It is the selection of excellent raw materials; the balancing of flavours; flavour compatibility, along with the recognition of inherent structural combinations. We are in an excellent position to create chocolates that express the terroir and regional tastes of the Australian bush."

Employing his connoisseur knowledge and palate, John Wade started making chocolate because one of his consultancies, Rickety Gate, wanted to put chocolate in their cellar door, to compliment their wines, as an added attraction.


John signed up for a short course in Melbourne  and a new passion was ignited. Within the space of six months, John had completed 8 courses and in no time at all was developing his own unique recipes and producing handcrafted chocolates for his own street front shop.

John Wade pours all his passion and savoir-faire into each and every chocolate. His exceptionally refined palate and knowledge of base flavours has enabled him to create some of the most sensational, balanced and unique chocolates.  


Contact Us

- Shop 1, 19 South Coast Hwy - 

- Denmark, WA -

Dark Side Chocolates acknowledges we work and live on Minang Noongar Country. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. 

 - Opening Hours -

Monday: 9am-4pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 9am-4pm

Thursday: 9am-4pm

Friday: 9am-4pm

Saturday: 9am-2pm

Sunday: 9am-2pm

Open public holidays - including all Easter weekend!

Email us at or complete the following form

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